Hi everyone, I just want to share with you my incredible first experience in spain with my best friend and some friends of mine! It was during last summer vacation.

Quick presentation of me: Dina I’m an art student from Berlin, im 22yo and i love nature , readin books and music. Im not that into party’s… but my bff Si haha shes actually a big fan of latino music and bachata. Thats why we decided to spend our summer in spain, to discover more the culture and obviously meeting spanish people’s, i always told that spanish people’s are super welcoming and open minded.

Well here we go to our trip, first we went to Reus directly because of some family friends there and yeah was kindaoff nice, the city is cute theres nice restaurants and where to have good walks but we couldn’t find something funny to do with others young people there. So we started searching in social media for organized party’s so we will be sure to have fun and we decided to choose a little party in Salou and we moved there for the night! Well little party!

Not really it was super awesome ; the music , the people’s there … everything was uncredible we had so much fun that i think i never stayed that long in a party berfore.

I must say the vibes was tottaly particular, super welcoming and friendly . I was a bit nervous about our Spanish because we basically can’t make a real sentence in Spanish but everyone was super nice trying to talk in english with us and everything… So we spend this great night and we decided to organise another party with the same groupe because we loved it so much and we particularly loved Salou for her vibes.

The next days i was thinking what possibly i can organise for my best friend Lara birthday because we initially get this vacation to spend her birthday together and i really wanted to organise something special for her. I mean Lara is a big fan as i said for latino songs and she just love dancing, she definitely can spend her entire night dancing haha which is tottaly not my case. So i wanted something festive style but casual like intime for a birthday. And oh myyyyyyy the organisators helped me to find the perfect combination for all what i wanted for her birthday. A BOAT PARTY!!!!!!!! yes! A boat party.

Well in first i was a bit sceptic about it because i dont know why we all think about boat vacation or boat party are exclusively for old rich people and their family and its boring haha. But definitely not ! So imagine a party where everyone is super classy but at the same time ready to dance like ever and with an incredible view!!! Omg the view is still stuck in my mind and will be forever haha ! So i asked to have latinos song so we can all dance bachata and have fun and honestly its was the best birthday party ever, the boat was super comfortable and we had all the commodity we needed.. to eat, drink, and even chill and thats the great thing about it!!! We could’ve dance and make some pauses to just enjoy the sun the view and the uncredible sea.. we even had so much fun to make some games to learn about each others more made the birthday, and open all the gifts together, took Loooots of pictures obviosly (social media addict here) and thousands of tiktoks !!! Honestly i was so happy that we made the best birthday for my best friend she was really excited and we all have spent the perfect party.

We continued visiting some other citys around , as an art student i particularly liked some museum around like at La Pineda» or Tarragona ,Tarragona city has a diverse culture, and one way to explore that culture is by visiting one of its many museums. Discover classical and

contemporary art, get to know the customs and traditions of Tarragona city or visit one of the more quirky museums.

I guess you guys start to know me a bit now and guessin that im more an introvert person than the opposite haha. So for our last day of our trip i wanted with my best friend and some friends to organise another last party but i wanted a chill one and more important by day.

All my friends just love to spend the night out and we were always struggling to spend time together during the day, i was mostly by myself so i ask them to organise something fun by day

. And we couldnt think about something better than the pool and the beach for sunset! We spend a great day in the pool with some chill music and great cocktails and after we went with the group to the beach where its was the perfect way to cloture our vacation in spain.

We realised that we made lot of friends from différents countries and we almost knew everyone at the beach. Lot of Erasmus student and local were here exchanging with us, singing and just being gratful for all what the city , the sea and people give us. Such an uncredible adventure and i cant wait to come back again.

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